Can’t Wait

The site of our future home office! Side-by-side workspaces for Deuce and I with bookcases and display above. We have a fair amount of DIY work ahead of us as the desktop length we need for both of us to work does not readily exist within our budget. Plus, apparently I have a Home Depot itch that needs to be scratched…with sandpaper and wood stain.



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Let’s get this party started right

Ok, universe…..loud and clear.

So, I was just putting the finishing touches on my very first post. A lovely, polished, sparkly list of reasons I think people are idiots. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I accidentally CTRL+ALT+CMD+ESC+F5+ID10T’d my way to erasing the entire post without saving.

I’ll add myself to that list.

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Inspiration from the Swiss Alps

1. Sleeping with the windows open in the middle of summer.
2. Putting on a pair of freshly washed jeans and not feeling like a stuffed sausage.
3. Hearing the dog make sleep sounds.
4. Setting the dates for my next trip to Paris.
5. Cheese sauce.
6. Overhearing people speaking French.
7. Road trips.
8. Having at least 3 different flavors of gum in my purse.
9. The Kathy Griffin show.
10. A new notebook and a fresh pen to use.
11 but not least. My fabulous little family. I love being home.

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