Work in Progress

The framing for the home office went up Monday night and we started placing the bookshelves.  I think I have everything placed just a titch too high, but we will adjust once the wood desktop has been finished and the chairs are placed.

I couldn’t resist setting the raw wood in place though, just to see how it would all work and I think we will be quite happy.  We think we might omit the stain and keep the natural pine look….we’ll see.  Definitely need to sand it down and finish with polyeurethane though, otherwise it will be a dangerous place to be paying bills!   Already dangerous enough.

We researched this a lot before making a decision – well, I researched it because I am an obsessive researcher and it makes me happy – and we decided to go with the Elfa system with some tweaks.  Tweaks like adding our own 1 1/4″ thick hardwood work counter which I am hoping will give the office a more high-end look.  We are also going to this white wood file cabinet from Target centered under the desktop to give us much needed file space – the impetus for this project – and separate the workspace in two.

Now, understand, this project is all a Great Distraction from the real issue; being that I have a major problem with piles all over the house with seemingly, no place to file them away.  After whining about not having a desk, Deuce finally said Let’s Get a Desk!  Plus, this will be a place where I can work on hobbies and projects.  However, once this is set up, will I actually use it?!  That remains to be seen!


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Can’t Wait

The site of our future home office! Side-by-side workspaces for Deuce and I with bookcases and display above. We have a fair amount of DIY work ahead of us as the desktop length we need for both of us to work does not readily exist within our budget. Plus, apparently I have a Home Depot itch that needs to be scratched…with sandpaper and wood stain.


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Let’s get this party started right

Ok, universe…..loud and clear.

So, I was just putting the finishing touches on my very first post. A lovely, polished, sparkly list of reasons I think people are idiots. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I accidentally CTRL+ALT+CMD+ESC+F5+ID10T’d my way to erasing the entire post without saving.

I’ll add myself to that list.

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Inspiration from the Swiss Alps

1. Sleeping with the windows open in the middle of summer.
2. Putting on a pair of freshly washed jeans and not feeling like a stuffed sausage.
3. Hearing the dog make sleep sounds.
4. Setting the dates for my next trip to Paris.
5. Cheese sauce.
6. Overhearing people speaking French.
7. Road trips.
8. Having at least 3 different flavors of gum in my purse.
9. The Kathy Griffin show.
10. A new notebook and a fresh pen to use.
11 but not least. My fabulous little family. I love being home.

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